Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Worst Joke Ever

Does the media create and encourage violence? Are we by exposure to it made violent?

If so we were a completely peaceful species before the 20th Century. How they managed the St Bartholomew's Day Massacre before the advent of television I don't know. The Thirty Years War, no video nasties then?! You're kidding!

Actually I think unfairness encourages violence and I present my argument thus in a conjectural scenario:

Seeing UKIP give fascism its biggest kiss of life since 1945, inspires (or gives the shits to) the British Conservative party to be even more unfair than they have been already. Freezing benefits, further austerity cuts, removing the right of complaint to the European courts. Now none of this is to make Britain better; none of what the Tories have done so far makes Britain better. They are just working to the next election all the time rather than make things better. You make those who sponsor the party happy, you get elected. And you will shit yourself rightly if they start funding UKIP, so time to turn on those who are not sponsoring you, which is most of the population of Britain. 

Austerity (when was the war?!) only serves the purpose of paying off the (non-existent in reality) debt and deficit and making sure capitalism remains untouched and totally free market. The (non-existent in reality) concept of the market must not suffer, but it's okay if lots of living and breathing beings do.Which is unfair.

So imagine this; The British population turn violent with this unfair situation and get hit-men (creating employment) to exact revenge.
Having already shot David Cameron through the throat to watch him die, a hit-man shoots Gorgeous George Osbourne in the leg (Ever heard of Durex in 1970 Mr and Mrs Osbourne? You heartless pair of cunts) . George is pulled into an NHS hospital. He insists he has the money to go private but the doctors claim it isn't safe. They then claim the bullet cannot be removed without death...a week after the shooting with the wound badly infected. So they claim the leg has to come off. They then claim they have no proper equipment due to NHS cuts and claim they will have to use a saw from B&Q with further claims there is no anaesthetic due to further NHS cuts. So the operation will take place with Osbourne awake and they're going to film it and post it on You Tube. Attempts to knock him out with a baseball bat are ineffective and gratuitous.

So you see exactly how unfairness begets violence! This violent situation could so easily happen and it's your fault Mr Cameron! You have caused your colleague all this suffering and your own death! How could you let the population be infected with such terror?

It won't happen of course, the population is too docile and well trained and they follow orders. They just turn the violence created by unfairness on themselves or vote UKIP. Adds up to being the same at the end of the day.

It makes no difference to them that our leaders do not have our best interests at heart and never did. A small example is marijuana being illegal; the main motivation behind this is because it was seen as a recreational drug of the Afro-Caribbean community and they didn't want white people trying it and causing miscegenation of the races. So there; it's illegal, not because they care about your health but because they are foaming racists. If they really worried about your health, alcohol and tobacco would have been proscribed long ago. They knew all about the dangers way back then. Scumfucks they may be; idiots they are not.


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