Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Betcha Nessie voted 'Yes'.


Hoots and nae messing! You stay locked in a coital embrace with England's cock up your arse, that's the sort of shit you gotta put up. Oh flower of Scotland, when will we see your like again?! Not this fucking year anyway! You had your chance to breakaway from this lonely life and ye dinnae take it. You are the ultimate 'reciever' in national history then?!

Well you can stop all your William Wallace nonsense now. Especially as he fought and DIED for Scottish independence. Not like you bunch of chicken-shits! Not to mention Andrew Moray...actually he never gets a mention despite his importance...he still fucking fought and died for Scottish independence though!!

Ach, to be fair many people wanted to get Scotland out of there, to continue on this line does them an injustice. They were willing to take a leap and...I'm just as disappointed as they are. So enough of this shit, Bisson!

Actually Bannockburn was probably the wrong anniversary to do it on. A celebration of "stuffing" the English in battle? A minor moment of bliss and a blip in the arrogant and presumptuous narrative written by the winners; the English. Civvie Bisson is half English and he still finds them to be dicks, so anyway.
 Now the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320...that would have been a much better anniversary. In fact if the SNP have a follow-up referendum that's a good un' to do it on.

Sure that declares that Scots seek independence for neither 'glory nor RICHES' but for freedom! See? You can stick all your economic fears up your arse then. Were they worried about that in the 14th Century? No!

Economics has been the downfall in the modern era of course. Scotland in 1707 was a country racked with the failure of a great enterprise in the Americas; the Darien Scheme in what would one day be Panama. Sure it would have evolved ethnic genocide and slavery as all these things in the western hemisphere did. Yet it was to take place in where they built the Panama Canal so there is a visionary element to it. However a lot of money was sunk in and the scheme totally fell to pieces. Plus it wasn't exactly flavour of the month with the English either so no help there or investors.

In 1707 England was more worried about the succession crisis; that the Scots might chose a different monarch to England and a Catholic one at that. There was a union of the crowns already (a long, boring story that I can't be arsed with). So Scotland had a choice; political union or economic siberia, in other words we block all trade with you and let you starve to death until you agree to a union. That was the democratic choice facing the peo...sorry the Scottish Parliament in 1707. It chose suicide over starvation and agreed to union.

And that's where our lovely Union comes from folks! Today and probably for the last 300 years beloved only by the politically constipated and the emotionally insecure. The politically constipated offered only misty-eyed words of a 'family of nations', which tended to make all who heard these words puke their lunch up not misty eyed. Urgh. Then they panicked, which briefly made them the politically flatulent and offered loads of new powers which all those who voted 'No' fell for hook, line and sinker. Never give a sucker an even break...or new powers either! Ever get the feeling you've been lied to? Ya fucking do now!

As for the emotionally unstable they came out with the SDL/Loyalists/C18 and made a stink; showed how violent and angry they get so quickly. Anger management? You want to see how easily these guys get angry; it's barely 20 seconds and they're foaming!

Was there vote rigging? Who knows and does it matter? Sure Bush got in the first time so why should it matter in Scotland and now? Did the over 55s vote on mass to stay so they're pensions would be protected? Their pensions are being stripped off them anyway by Westminster so I don't know why they bothered. Should have just stayed home and starved to death like the Tories want them to anyway. Bankers bonuses don't pay themselves you know...

Anyway, no point griping over the simple yes/no choice of 2014. It was way fucking better than the choice in 1707 for sure! So here's me ceasing to slag you and hoping you clear your heads for 2020...there is still hope which has more chance of existing in this universe than the concept of 'the economy' ever will outside the human mind!

Ps: The Queen purring is a disturbing fucking image, thanks "Dave". That alone should result in independence. He's good at fucking up is ol' "Dave" I must say; useless bastard at everything else but that's the elite for you.


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