Wednesday, 15 January 2014

From Outta The Blizzard

Wotcher! A groovy New Year and all that.

Bah! I'm back in Belfast, humbug! It isn't what you do, it's who you know on the costa del crime and my welcome mat is worn through to the arse.

May as well get this ribald merry-go-round going again as there's nowt else. Either that or a job and a flat...eurgh...

Actually I've discovered that jobs and flats are tres good for getting the ladies. This rooftop garret and mere payless effusion of ideas just don't cut it.We're talking guaranteed pussy here outside of prostitution of course, otherwise you fuck it when you get it. Beautiful bodies and ugly minds eh? Same old story. We never were much as a species were we? The putridness of my mind I chose to put to creative effort though, while you guys choose to putrify the world. Each to their own and that.

I was amazed that job et flat still counted. The scar tissue on my heart and mind from when that last happened is of some age I tell you. Its true that if you do have a job and a flat then guaranteed pussy takes no effort whatsoever. This is why the porridge men are indeed the wisest fools. Jammy bastards when you think about it; they don't care if they're stuck in a shitty job, they sit around doing nothing without a pang of guilt and pussy-spunking every couple of years is the most they have to rouse themselves to. All my insults towards them is mere farting in the wind; wisest fools I tell you! They don't have to lift a finger and the women are buzzing around them. Never mind the alpha male, the mindless couch potato he turns into with age is the greater threat.

See if you're the sort of person who stops to consider things, you're doomed to a lonely and frustrated existence and to play the fool takes so much fucking effort. Frank Zappa gave the right advice but being mindless takes time and practice with no guarantees. You'll have to REALLY want to tap that particular pussy. Even reeling them in for a one-time deal takes effort and energy.
I know, I know what a futile practice it is, what a complete and utter waste of time and life!! You can't fight biology however; urge to couple mainly comes back again and kick the shit out of you.

You may be saying auld Bisson's heart is quite black and indeed it is. Remember the most important fact is, it was shaded that way for me over a long period of time. Not by choice folks, I assure ye!
Anyway, job and flat...Pfff! Fold it carefully and stick that opinion back up your arse where it came from.

It is lovely to be back to the old grind sometimes. How nice to hurl the abuse of the human race back at it. You inspire me greatly, you lovely hoard of insensitive dickheads. See you around the u-bend again!


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