Saturday, 9 February 2013


Mr Lebowski is no longer secluded in the west wing.

Therefore, I'm mulling over my thoughts like some unknown vintage to speak pompously and I reckon where I want to head to be is Hawaii

Home of the ukulele, women in bikini's playing vollyball, cocktails of choice and ever forging land to invoke the senses and enrich the eye.

Then again...I could very well end up the bail jumper of some born again iron pusher who comes to my house with a reality tv crew and says prayers outside my door and then drags me off with pepper spray to pay for some bail I jumped posted by someone for some crime I committed and have no fucking intention committing! Aw and then there's the heart to heart in the hummer. Fuck! That'll take fucking hours, they only use two minutes in the show, but to get that they have to film for seven hours or something. That is all a concern I have to say.

Ah but to sit by recently formed beaches, composing, thinking ideas that are quare and groovy, who knows? Abiding in bliss is a vision. Nol more snow, cold, aching dejection a portion of the year. Perpetual summer is what I want. Even if Hawaii ain't got that it inspires me to find newer comforts to live in.

Appealing. But mebbe should check the murder rate there. Seems to get quite high in hot countries. Mebbe it's the heat, you wake up about 4am, can't sleep with the humidity; it pisses you off day by day, with  mercury rising and you just snap, grab your gun and head out to the nearest spouse/potential spouse boyfriend/parent/invisible enemy who takes the form of some poor bugger you happen to meet in the street/person of a ethnic grouping who, against all intelligence and reason and humanity, has earned your misguided, mindless ire/female person who you desire as a potential spouse but in your deluded state you have already fast-tracked through introduction, friendship, platonic kiss revealing previously unknown feelings,eventual first date through various farcial circumstances, relationship, break-up due to male instransigence, confusion internally about her best male and gay friend as potential rival in love.
There is a lot to consider in making this move.

Then what is the murder rate in cold countries? Folks may just look out their windy at the 24-hour darkness and the icy snow and just think:

'Fuck it. Ain't going out in that shit. Ain't happening, not even to kill my former wife. And possibly her reindeer as a further act of spite and male childishness...not to mention displaying hitherto unrevealed signs of psychosis like they do in them very hot places.'

Again consideration is the key here. Got to think long and hard about this as they say in certain circles. My thinking though well, it comes back to female volleyball on the beach. I don't know why, enlightenment is probably required....heh-heh!

Stop that, and preserve your eyesight! Anyways I say....


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