Saturday, 9 February 2013

Regrets of a cad and a bounder...

But seriously now folks...

This is kind of Year Zero; though more of a try at a clean slate rather than taking intellectuals from the cities and making them starve to death out in the countryside, which is a sage choice on my part for once.

What has been written previously by Junax, me and Pinkeye is, at the time of writing, in the majority and comes over as the crabbed, unhinged rantings of a complete shit at times. And that is because at times it was the rantings of a crabbed, unhinged shit.

But nay more! There are new ideas and happenings fermenting, new ways of doing things and new ways of them being expressed. More of an abiding vibe, y'hear?

Not that the old posts will get deleted. They are what they are, and a part of history, but they're the castle that sank into the swamp to nick a metaphor from a noted comedy troupe.
No and nope, what I'm gonna build on them is a new castle, something a bit more inclusive, open, fluid and probably stupid but hey that's life, that's what the feeble say.

I wanna keep it brave, free, good vibrating and keep the vague notion of love in mind rather than the attribution of hurt. That's what poetry in notebooks are for.

This instead is a world completely unknown that demands exploring. Who is Bisson? Dunno, but gonna find out warts and all.

Join me, I can be bona-fide, I feel it in my non-carpark bones :)


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