Thursday, 28 February 2013

Sweet affectations of the loved and the deluded

It may surprise you to learn this. It probably fucking won't though. When in his civvies, ol' Bisson is actually a very shy and insecure person. What?! Shock me some more! Ok, well being this way can lead to a lot of loneliness and then sadness, depression and even more insecurity. Which without the high dose anti-depressants would lead back to thoughts of suicide.Thoughts mind you is not the same as attempts; that's a whole different game. Oh and I am currently a severe civilian lardarse.

Finished? Yeah, it's just nice to express something once in a while and I don't want you thinking this is just two dimensional shit going on here. It is, but I just don't want you thinking that.

Now here's an interesting thing. Do such revelations change your opinion of this blog. What IS your opinion of this blog?! I'm aiming for 'undecided'. Therefore do you view Bisson in an entirely new light because of these private life revelations? Is he less of a personage? Do you even care? Do I care? Questions that none of us ever thought of asking or ever gave a shit about still don't.

My only major complaint in my civvies, apart from my belly which precedes me by ten minutes, is probably that I didn't stay in the country. Moving to town, to go to school was a stupid thing to do. I could have stayed in the country and become a barely-educated farm hand. Become a piece of meat to be used by wild, sexually unsatisfied cougars coming up from the town every weekend. What the fuck has education ever done for me? I could have been fucking MILFs on haystacks! Less sex and more civilian insecurity that's all education has done for me.

Oh the humanity! In civilian life there is what I call the 'vibe'. Women who were not that mad keen to begin with just don't wanna know at all now. But then again I ain't looking. Though gay guys keep coming on to me. Please stop that as your just wasting your own time as I've checked and I'm not gay, so your wasting my time as well and my sense of self worth regarding being attractive to women.

It's weird, you're troubled by it, but then again I just don't give enough of a shit to do anything about it. Relationships just seem a fucking yawn to me and they require a lot of additional shit to maintain them. Couldn't be bothered, so fuck it. That's civilian life for you.

Then again could this all be true? Well, given my determination to make this blog 100% bullshit or fiction, if you like, then it probably isn't. More fool you if you think it was. And anyway that's enough of civilian life, it is quite tiresome. What does Bisson think? Easy, to paraphrase the great Withnail, if my words are not to your liking you can stick them up your arse and fuck off while you're doing it! That's you told.


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